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Just Some Tips When You Want to Custom Inflatable Leg Tent?

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Just Some Tips When You Want to Custom Inflatable Leg Tent?

Hello, Everyone, it is really quite long time since last time we write a blog here. I am so excited today we are going to write one and share some tips when you want custom inflatable leg tent for your business.

As we all knows, leg tent is also called by spider tent, the reason why it is called by spider tent just it is look like spider when it inflate. When you want custom one leg tent for your business, what you will think out first? Even it is a tents, but you can use it for business promotion or like advertsing media.

Now let’s see when you will need it from pictures as below.

inflatable leg tent

inflatable leg tent

After we know it can use so many occasions, now we are discuss what should pay attention when we want to custom one.

First is about size.  See the picture as below, as you see this size we call it 5.4m, not 4m. Generally when we talking about size, we are saying the diameter as size. So that is why the picture below we say it is 5.4m, it is same calling in this inflatable industry.

inflatable leg tent

inflatable leg tent

We have meet customer tell us size 4m, and later when we confirm 3D design with him, he say it is not 4m. and we realize we are talking different. That is really important tell your supplier the size you want.

I guess you may want to know price for this one,  it is 1083usd/set with air pump.  Please let us know if you want one.

Some people say what if it is 8 leg tents, actually it is same we also request diameter size inside of side size. Of course when the diameter and height is different, the shape how it look will be different.

Now we are going to talk about the color and logo.

Color is very easy to choose, you can also request based on your industry or your logo color.  When the top cover color is same your logo color, you just need figure out you need change the logo color and factory will design it for you.

Next is the leg tents leg size,  generally the leg size is based on the leg tent size. For example, the picture below. This one we call it size 10m 8leg tent. This 10m 8leg tent leg size at least should be 80cm.  if any factory offer you 60cm, they are just reducing the cost and it may fall down. For satety, we suggest that at least 80cm.

China Inflatable Spider Giant Tent-2

After reading our article, did you find anything good for your business? or would like to order one to try with your business?

So custom one for your  business now. We can make out excellent design for you.

Just email to  or Whatsapp us: +86-15018781305. Say out your idea and let us inflate it.

Thanks for your time, if you like our article, welcome follow us and we always share something useful for all of you.

Enjoy your great day!   See you soon.

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