Inflatable Water Parks

How much cost for one Inflatable Water Park ?

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Inflatable Water Park Cost

Hey, Everyone! Thanks for reading our blog again! Today we are going to share something really interesting! I guess many people already were seen how popular the water park are. An inflatable water park is also floating water park, it can be obstacle course on sea or lake, but also can be a huge park made by an inflatable swimming pool and slide on grass ground.  As it is so so popular in Summer, So I guess you may want to know the cost. Today we are here going to share with you about inflatable water park cost. Now let us start.

Actually, an Inflatable water park cost decisive factor is Size and Complexity. So we can not tell you how much one inflatable water park cost without any information provided. Even though, we can list some design we made and give you one rough cost for reference. Then that will be helpful for you, right?

Now let us make an example of size 25x45m, it is 1125 square meters.   Below are three different design, but are available for size 25x45m.

inflatable water park cost

inflatable water park cost inflatable water park cost


How much cost for one Inflatable Water Park?

Did you find anything? For the same size, while with different items inside, the price will be different too. Also for same items inside, but different size, the inflatable water park cost is different too.  So that is the reason why we can not give a price out without any information even we are a factory for that. But I believe the above information is useful for you, right?

So you may have an idea design a smaller one like 500square meter and how much will cost and a bigger size 2000 square meter how much will cost.

No matter you are going to make a big one or a small one, the key point for us to quote is to inform us size and budget and also you can inform us what you like to order.

Yomo inflatable team are always ready and responsible for every customer order. Contact us now and you will know Yomo inflatable can do more for you.


Click here to Find Yomo inflatable water park catalog.  Email us:    Whatsapp: 008615018781305


If you like it, share it to more people. Thanks for your reading and see you next time.

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