Actually inflatable Air track means Inflatable air tumbling track.  It is a group of inflatable sports mats. You can use it widely in arts hall, museum, home as well as  Gymnasium and yoga room.

It is a traditional  pad alternative products. But compare with normal pad, it have a lot of advantage like adjustable softness, easy to carry, easy storage, long life, etc..

Normally is 2 meter wide and Thickness  10 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm. You can choose custom its length to anytime, but we will suggest less than 20 meters.

The product is use heat sealing technique, while the material are import,  which is odorless, waterproof, airtight. So you can  easily use it in the water and the ground. Air tumbling track is great for schools, gymnastics, martial arts and cheerleaders to practice routines, they give you extra jump and are great fun.


Do you know inflatable Air track sets is a common and popular products for home exercise? As its wide market, Yomo inflatable offer order online service for this sets.

One set include air floor, air board, air block, air roller. For convenient, we will send extra air pump and carry bag without charge.

Order your air tumbling track set with factory price from now!

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