Inflatable pool floats are necessaries for summer.  While No matter you believe or not, Inflatable flamingo was another most popular pool floats in past year. It is looks really an elegant bird. You can get people’s attention no matter where you put it. The wide wind span provide stability on the water.  The oval-shape center island provides ample room for playing, riding, or all-day lounging for kids of ALL ages. Two bonded handles are provided on either side of the elongated neck. Any people ages over 8+ can use it very well.


Since flamingo land on market, there are a lot new color come out almost every month. Yomo inflatable is a factory make this kind of flamingo. Normally we have enough stock for those flamingos, so most products can be send out in 7 working days. Expect different color flamingos, you can also find unicorn,Pegasus,pineapples etc in this category. We offer wholesale price for any of our products. Also samples available. Welcome discuss with us if you have any questions about us.

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